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Your Legacy

"Give them enough to do something, but not enough to do nothing." --- Warren Buffet

When it comes to your estate plan, who WILL you leave it to? And how much? Will your children and grandchildren be the recipient of your wealth or will the government be?

The death tax rules are stacked against you and without proper planning you may experience the most expensive day of your life on the day you die. Income taxes, inheritance taxes, and estate taxes are just some of the pitfalls on the road from transferring your hard earned wealth to your family.

You have worked a lifetime accumulating your nest egg. Don't leave to chance the process through which your wealth will be divided. A well crafted estate plan gives you security and flexibility in knowing that your wishes will be carried out in an effective and timely manner. And, good estate plans usually result in significant tax savings and an efficient transfer of your wealth.

From creating trusts to running family foundations, we specialize in helping our clients make smart decisions about their money.

We have even created a division of the firm called Lehigh Valley Trust Services which helps match clients with some of the best estate planning professionals in the area. Our local network of attorneys and CPAs can work with you to create and monitor a well-crafted estate plan that help meets your needs and goals.

Or, if you have an attorney or CPA you enjoy working with, we can tailor our service to complement your existing advisor's work. And, since we use an independent Trust Company, your advisors can continue to work with you and your family for generations to come.