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The Financial Planning Process

The essence of good financial planning is simple:

  • Develop a strategic game plan based on client goals. For our clients, that’s usually about educating their children and grandchildren, retiring comfortably, and planning a legacy.
  • Perform an appropriate investment and insurance analysis of where you stand. This answers the fundamental question: How close are you to reaching your goals right now?
  • Develop a tactical set of steps to bridge the gaps. This answers the important question: What do I need to do to reach the goals I have set?
  •  Implement the plan. Once we have agreed on a plan of action, we’ll help you implement your plan -- from properly titling assets and naming beneficiaries to consolidating investment accounts and retirement money.
  • Monitor progress and adjust as needed. Life is change and when your needs and desires change so should your financial plan. Quarterly and annual reviews with clients help us stay on track.

This is what we do with all our planning clients. It’s that simple. Additional resources are available at  Useful Links.